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About Us

Pointe Coupee Parish is one of the oldest settlements in the Mississippi River Valley. Its early French and African influence can still be found today in its friendly people and delicious cuisine. It is the birthplace of Louisiana public education with public schools dating back to the early 1880's. Twenty two fresh water lakes promotes fishing, boating, and hunting; making it a vacationers and retiree's paradise. Two of the largest lakes are False River and Old River and both lakes are over 10 miles long. Pointe Coupee Parish is proud to boast the third oldest Mardi Gras Parade in the state of Louisiana and host four parades every year. The newest addition to our parish parades is the Lundi-Gras Parade that is held at Old River Landing in Batchelor, La, and in New Roads. Enter a greased pig contest, chase a chicken, dance to live Zydeco music, eat great foods, and so much more! Pointe Coupee Parish has so many points of interest and it will appeal to everyone.